Ving card reader manual

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Ving card reader manual

RFID Exit Device By installing a VingCard Exit Device on your emergency exit, you maintain full access control from the outside as well as an easy and safe escape in case of an emergency. The emergency exit can be opened simply by pushing the push bar. The Exit Device is suitable for wooden- metal- and glass doors. It is supplied in a RIM version for horizontal installation with latch on the side of the door and in a ROD version for vertical installation with latch on top and bottom of thedoor.

Reader technology System compatibility Vision, Visionline. Door heights not using top ROD extension kits Door heights using top ROD extension kits Ordering information: To order a complete Exit Device, please include the following items in your order: :: Exit Device Kit outside escutcheon with reader and lock The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Catalog excerpts RFID Exit Device By installing a VingCard Exit Device on your emergency exit, you maintain full access control from the outside as well as an easy and safe escape in case of an emergency.

Open the catalog to page 2.

ving card reader manual

They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. Contact us. Remove all. Compare up to 10 products.Models Document Type. Control Systems. Door Opening System.

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Industrial Equipment. Intercom System. IP Access Controllers. Remote Control.

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Remote Starter. Security Sensors. Security System.

ving card reader manual

RZ Mounting Instructions. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Installation Instructions. Installation Manual. Securitron R EffEff Installation And Mounting Instructions.With a split design and an array of options to choose from in terms of bezel style, handles and finishes, our Signature lock will appeal to the design conscious and most sophisticated styles in hotels worldwide where design integrity is of top priority.

Would you like to select and design a door lock to suit your own hotel? As an exposed reader head is not required, Signature RFID offers fully sealed electronics that can withstand exposed outdoor locations and the full range of climates found in Africa.

They also have anti-cloning technology. A range of handles, lockcases and finishes exists to enable you to design a lock to match your hotel. Panic release function — the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy regress in emergency situations. VingCard provide a choice of different handles, lockcases and finishes that can be used with Essence, Signature or Classic locks. The link below shows an interactive configurator that you can use to create the ideal guestroom door for your establishment.

View Configurator. Hotel Solutions Brochure English 6. Your feedback and queries are important to us. EN FR.

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Make Enquiry Download Brochure. VingCard Interactive Configurator VingCard provide a choice of different handles, lockcases and finishes that can be used with Essence, Signature or Classic locks. Enquire about this product Your feedback and queries are important to us.This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse this website without changing your browser cookie settings, you agree to let us store cookies.

Read more about our use of cookies. Having trouble with an installation? Check our troubleshooting tips and frequently asked questions. Or contact our technical support team. We're here to help! When power is removed the Magnalock must release. If internal circuitry were to fail completely, the lock would only exhibit "stickiness" at a rough level of 5 pounds. Both the Magnalock core and strike plate are plated and sealed following a military specification. Because of this plating and the sealed nature of the magnet, the Magnalock is weatherproof and may be used outdoors.

If rusting appears, the most common cause is that improper cleaning with steel wool for instance has occurred and this has stripped off the relatively soft plating. Once the plating has been removed, it cannot be restored in the field, so the lock will have to be periodically cleaned and coated with oil or other rust inhibitor.

VingCard Elsafe

A rusty Magnalock will still function but at reduced holding force. If the product is installed in a heavily corrosive atmosphere, such as near the ocean, it will eventually rust even with non abrasive cleaning.

The only answer then becomes continued periodic removal of the rust. Electric locks return voltage spikes on their power wires and also emit microwave radiation when switched.

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Note that Magnalocks include internal electronics which suppress both inductive kickback and radiation. First, press the back up release on the back of the bar if the door does not release the there is a fault in the systems general wiring. Check the system wiring.

ving card reader manual

Second, if the door does release when you press the back up release button check the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer on the back of the board turning the POT clockwise will increase the sensitivity and the bar may begin to function. Third, if the door does release when you press the back up release button and you have tried adjusting the sensitivity then you need to check the voltage for the bar at the six pin connector that connects the cable to the board.

Checking between red and black with a meter you should see system voltage. Fourth, if the back up button works, you have tried adjusting the sensitivity and you have good voltage at the six pin connector check the antenna wire and make sure it is connected to the bar via the Phillips head mounting screw also check to make sure that the screw is not stripped. Meter between the face of the bar and the point were the antenna wire solders to the board you should see near zero resistance.

If everything checks out contact the factory. First, check for voltage at the lock if voltage is present and the door is not locked then the lock is the problem. Second, if you do not have voltage at the lock check the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer on the back of the board turning the POT counter-clockwise will decrease the sensitivity and the bar may begin to function.

Third, if adjusting the sensitivity does not work try removing the red wire of the harness from positive DC if the door does not lock check for voltage between the white and black wire of the harness if you have no voltage then an upstream switch is more likely the problem.

Fourth, check the surrounding area for anything that might generate an RF field such as neon signs or loss prevention gates disconnect the device and see if the bar begins working properly, if it does then the addition of a 22, micro Henry inductor in-line between the board and the bar should solve the problem. If this does not work and everything else checks out contact the factory.

This is almost always due to use of a switching power supply. Try running the bar off of a clean DC source such as a battery minimum 12VDC if the bar begins working you can try to clean up the supply by adding 2ea. If this does not work contact the factory. If the Magnalock is wired in reverse polarity, it won't be damaged, but it will not operate.

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Second, if the unit continues to appear dead, it must be electrically checked with an Ammeter. It must be powered with the correct input voltage and checked to see if it draws the specified current. If the unit meters correctly, then the magnet body is operating properly and the problem must lie in the mounting of the strike.About this Handbook Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of VingCard Systems Inc. While an effort has been made to insure that the manual is accurate, VingCard Systems makes no warranty of any kind, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with regard to this manual.

VingCard Systems assumes no responsibility or liability for errors in this handbook or for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of this manual in operating equipment or in connection with operation of the equipment. Federal Communications Commission Radio Frequency Interference Warning: Equipment described in this handbook generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy, and if not installed and used in accordance with this handbook may cause interference to radio communications.

The equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A computing device pursuant to Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference when operated in a commercial environment.

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Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause interference, in which case the user, at his own expense, will be required to take whatever measures may be necessary to correct the interference. Table of Contents 1. Electrical Specifications Environmental Specifications Output: Extended Access Controller Guest Cards Employee Cards Master Cards Special Cards System Structure Summary Chart Management Reports System Events Reports Lock Events Reports Single-User System Multi-User System Interface to PMS Add, Remove, Change Commands Selecting Commands and Data System Parameters Setting Date and Time Activating User Groups Defining Locks Adding a Guest Checking in Removing a Guests Card Checking out Verifying a Card Adding an Employee Changing an Employee Card Removing an Employee Verifying an Employee Card Fail Safe Cards Emergency CardsVingCard Elsafewhose origin was in Moss, Norwayis an international producer of hotel locking systems, electronic in-room safes and energy management systems.

In he became the factory's machine constructor and when the factory in —as one of the first in the country—established a department of research and development, he became its director.

In the late s and through the s, there were efforts in the security industry to create a room access system that would improve the security by replacing older keys. Export of the original invention was initiated in when it was installed in the Peachtree Plaza Hotel in AtlantaGeorgia which was the world's tallest hotel at the time. The hotel had been troubled by burglaries and was eager to test the new security innovations.

The new product was named Elsafe, and the company's first factory was placed in MosvikNorway. InElsafe installed its first safe installation at a property in the Canary Islandsand it later began selling to hotels on all seven continents.

In VingCard launched the electronic magnetic stripe card lock to a positive market reception. Elsafe also became part of the ASSA ABLOY Group incurrently the world's largest independent lock group company, which is composed of more than subsidiary international companies.

It is controlled by Gustaf Douglas through his company Latour. It has distributors located in over countries. InVingCard and Elsafe joined marketing and sales forces and then finally merged to form VingCard Elsafe in As a single entity, the company counts more than sales offices worldwide. Introduced inVisionline is wireless locking technology developed by VingCard Elsafe. It uses radio frequency RF Online to operate stand-alone electronic locks.

The system's radio frequency is one of the first to be based on ZigBee technology, a secured wireless open platform. Visionline eliminates the need for hotel staff to visit guestrooms when identifying locks with low batteries or reprogramming individual locks, and lets guests request a room change or extended stay without visiting the front desk. Orion by VingCard Elsafe is an energy management system that tracks energy usage at a property, by combining digital thermostatsoccupancy sensorsdoor position interfaces, remote server software and a dashboard reporting system.

Orion can control a room's ambient temperature when guestrooms are unoccupied, and automatically resume the preset when the guest returns. Orion also can interface with a hotel's property management system to pre-condition rooms when guests check in, and can automatically set the energy-saving mode when guests check out. Orion won the Star Award from Top Hotel in VingCard Elsafe and its executives are part of the following professional and industry organizations:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. VingCard Elsafe Former type. Moss, Norway. This article contains a list of miscellaneous information. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections or articles.This banner text can have markup.

Remote Controllers

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. S Other brands and their products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be noted as such. Pagei VingCard Vision 4. Vision can either use a dedicated network, or work over an existing network at the installation property.

In a networked system, all workstations use the same database. The PC that runs the database is referred to as the VingCard server. All other PCs are referred to as workstations. Each PC has access to its own locally connected devices and also to all of the networked encoders and printers. Each PC in the network must have a unique identification.

Those identifications are the computer names as seen from the network. It is Printer Figure 1.

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Install VingCard Vision first on the server then on each workstation. STEP 2. Cabling Connect all workstations with the type of cabling required by your network cards.

Vingcard Reader, Lock Installation and Testing

STEP 3: Install cards. If you have only one PC in your system, go to Step 3. Otherwise, carry out this step, first on the server, then on each workstation. If the PC does not have a network card installed, obtain a network card compatible with Microsoft Network peer-to-peer connections and install it according to the vendor's instructions. If Windows is not able to do this automatically, check the documentation for your network card. Important note : If you are using network hubs to link one or more PCs in the Vision network, check that the Duplex settings for your network cards are compatible with those for your hubs.

Mismatches here can cause very slow performance.


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