Honda trail 70 engine oil

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Honda trail 70 engine oil

Use oil made for motorcycles, due to high heat, high rpm, clutch and transmission. If SJ make sure it is also MA approved. No need for expensive synthetic, premium mineral oil made for MC is plenty good.

Use a chain wax, not an oil. Any kind would do just make sure not to use an corrosive materials like WD The kind of horse power that the Honda Trail 70 have is about Honda Trail 70 is a fast and reliable motorbike that one can use to ride around town.

If you are asking about Nitro 70, the answer is a big NO! Nitro 70 is formulated for use in nitromethane and alcohol fuel drag racing engine.

It is not recommended for gasoline engine. Use any major brand 10w30 oil in your Honda. The oil must be approved for motorcycle use. This oil can be found at auto parts stores and also at bike stores. Either learn how to weld and install an new bung or buy a new pan.

Honda oil pans are natorious for drain plaugs stripping out.

1992 Honda CT70 Trail 70 Features Specifications Brochure

A TRX 70 takes 5W oil for temperatures between 15 degrees and 95 degrees, so it should work fine. How to remove the timing chain cover on a honda ct 70 trailbike on the opposit side of the head there is a small 10mm bolt right above the spark plug turn it counterclockwise and the cap on the opposite side should fall off be carfull to watch for oil driping out behind it.

A stock Honda x can run to about 68 to 70 mph on a level surface such as a road. If youre using the car in the winter it is recommended to use 10W30 as a thinner oil for the colder climate. Asked By Curt Eichmann.

honda trail 70 engine oil

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Ask Login.Chinese trannies have proven notoriously fragile; most exhibit poor shift quality and are noisy. Replacement parts aren't even an afterthought. The stock Nice trans is the strongest unit we know of, needs no modification and parts are readily available. It's full ball bearing, too. Compare gear assemblies from a CT70H top to the Nice bottom. On the right, the same gear from the Nice. What's not shown is that the Nice gear transmits engine power through four drive dogs located on the next gearinstead of two.

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Note also that the Nice gear teeth are not only wider and more finely-machined, the teeth are beveled for improved shifting. The cumulative effect of numerous, subtle, touches such as these is an engine of Honda quality and durability.

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These are some of the refinements that are lacking in Chinese copy engines. What's not obvious are the differences in metallurgy. Of course, for the end user, these are precisely the things that pay you back On the left, the shift fork assembly from the Nice; to the right from a standard 72cc Honda.

We've yet to see a worn-out shift fork from a Nice tranny. Here is a disassembled Nice oil pump, oil spinner centrifugal oil filter and oil screen. Better still, the pump is driven directly from the crankshaft.

Also note the large, dedicated oil spinner. Clean, high-volume oil flow equals long engine life. The spring-damped basket is identical to the type used in many current-model fullsize bike engines. Honda has used two designs, the older type has 3 pairs of damping springs, the newer uses a single H.

For the road rider, having a proper headlight and the added visibility it provides is more than a bonus. Chinese vs.The Tiksi snowmobile was developed by the famous Russian company Russian Mechanics. This is an excellent transport class budget to move through the virgin snow and deep drifts.

An indispensable technique for lovers of winter fishing, hunting or outdoor activities.

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Chief Designer Rashit Sayfievich Valeev. At the development stage, the snowmobile was called Husky.

honda trail 70 engine oil

Inthe equipment of the new class received a diploma of "New Year" according to the results of the All-Russian competition " best goods of Russia", which was held in Yaroslavl. In March-Aprilthe Tiksy was a member of the Rybinsk-Salekhard expedition and passed a km route.

The Tiksi snowmobile is single, its maximum carrying capacity is kg, but it can drive a weight of up to kg on a trailer. A small pressure on the ground allows it to move in the most inaccessible snow-covered areas through snow of any density. Excellent permeability is achieved due to the wide mm caterpillar with a length of mm.

The Tiksi snowmobile has a reliable, stably working two-stroke single-cylinder engine RMZ with a capacity of 22 hp. The fuel tank of 28 liters allows you to move long distances without refueling.

honda trail 70 engine oil

Mobility is achieved thanks to the excellent engine efficiency. The Tiksy snowmobile has the following technical specifications:. The price increase is justified by the greater comfort and maneuverability of the model.

Equipping one rear caterpillar and two swiveling skis from high-strength plastic creates minimal ground pressure. Low weight, high maneuverability and efficiency of the engine make this transport indispensable for fishermen, hunters and lovers of active recreation in the winter expanses.

The single lever ski mount is easy to maintain and reliable to use. A single-link rear suspension with a low center of gravity, a pneumo-hydraulic shock absorber and a x track belt make it possible to comfortably overcome snow-covered terrain. On a wide seat with a large hard surface, you can move without considerable fatigue for a considerable distance. Choosing the "Tiksi Lux", you get the opportunity to move in reverse.Procedure for Placing an Order.

Please help us eliminate mistakes and have all of the above information before placing your order. International Orders Canadian orders are not considered International : Due to the high level of fraud we no longer accept credit cards from over-seas customers.

honda trail 70 engine oil

Your order will need to paid for via Pay-Pal to confirmed address only of bank transfer, this is mandatory for all new customers. It will be the responsibility of the purchasing adult as to the disposition of all products purchased from CHP will adhere to the guidelines of H. All of the parts sold by CHP should be installed and maintained by a qualified mechanic. CHP accepts no responsibility for the installation, maintenance and or operation of these products.

Motorcycles can cause physical injury and death, CHP accepts no liability for these occurrences. Click on the Order Form button for a printable form. CHP Brandon Dr. Suite Tyler, Texasfax Item Number. Thumb Nail Photos Click on Thumb nails to enlarge. We try our best to keep all of the prices listed correct but there are occasions that prices listed on the web might not reflect current prices, Please verify at the time of your order.

These are not bars manufactured for another Chinese bike, like others sell, and adapted to fit your CT Our bars have all of the correct holes, slots and perch mounts in the correct location. The locking ring on the bar is correct with the correct tapper for the proper fit, unlike the other cheap copies out there that do not seat properly in the triple clamp.

Injection molded high impact plastic carrier with adjustable clamp to enable securing to a variety of different size diameter tubes or bars. Beverage carrier RED Bracket for beverage container. Very nice heavy duty construction with rubber protection on clamp as to not mar your chrome plating on your bar set. Mirror, After-market mirror with 8mm threaded mount.

1970 trail 70 oil change pt. 1

Black Plastic Lever set. Injection molded plastic lever set re-manufactured to exacting detail to the original Honda levers.Make Honda. Model CT. You are bidding on TWO Honda CT70s for one price in very good, actively running condition having been used very little beyond the drive way for the past 5 years anyway. Both bikes are ready to and hit the trails and are patiently waiting in protected garage until you decide to own them both.

Also included are titles, owners manual, service manual, and of course keys, for both bikes.

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In addition I'm throwing in one 2x4 wooden constructed transport insert fitting a Toyota Tacoma truck bed, but only set up to transport one bike at a time. Pick up is preferred, but will lose a day of work making myself available for freight pick up if necessary, must be picked up before August please, thank you for your interest.

This is a rare Honda CT70 Orange. I am told this is the first year of the four speeds. Was restored.

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Starts on first kick and runs well. I would say on a scale of for a restoration it's is 7. If someone wanted to dial it in a little more it would be a perfect example. I am selling "as is". I would rather not make subjective representations. I represent it starts on first kick and runs nice. As for cosmetic condition you judge from yourself from the attached photographs. Miles are unknown. Condition: as is, does run. History: Honda trail 70 Barn find, no title. Shipping: pick at Location: Largo, FL.

Payment: PayPal. This one features the 3 speed auto, no clutch, 72cc overhead cam engine. This specimen was purchased a few months ago from a gentlemen in Ravenna, Ohio who was the original owner. It has been completely nut and bolt restored, there is not a spec of rust on it, it starts, runs and rides just like it did inall electrical accesories work, all Honda NOS parts were used, including the seat and mufflers, it was done right!Honda's engineers have developed a new series of engines using their unique Earth Dreams Technology, which ensures the perfect balance of efficiency and performance.

In developing this series of ground breaking engines, Honda has engineered a range of oils to match precisely the requirements of the engines. The Genuine Oil Application Guide enables the dealership network as well as the customers, to choose the right engine oil for your Honda ensuring efficiency and best performance. Over time you will see that Honda's engineers developed the engines of our fleet and oils might have changed to facilitate the engine's performance.

If you cannot find your model or have questions about the right selection of oil, your dealership and we are available for you. For a detailed overview, please use the Honda Application Chart from April Find out more about the right fluids and oils for your Honda. New Vehicles. Honda Genuine Oil Application Guide. Engine Oil Viscosity and Description. Honda Genuine Oil Part Numbers.

What is the best oil for your Honda? Show Dealer Promotion. Show News. Unique Engine Oil available only from Honda for 1.The fuel valve CD is located at the left side of the carburator.

When the fuel valve is in the " 5" position. Fuel can not flow from the fuel tank to the carburator. Thc fuel valve should be set in this position when the motorcycle is parked or carried.

Turning the fuel valve 10 the "ON" position allows fuel to flow to the carburator from the main fuel supply. Turning the fuel valve to the "RES" position allows fuel to flow from the reserve supply. When the main fuel supply is exhausted, the fuel valve should be turned to the "RES" position thereby allowing you to proceed to the nearest service station. Fuel valve.

Honda Mini Trail CT-70 Mini Bike Owners Manual (Pages 17-26)

Select proper oil viscosity according to the outside temperature by referring to the below chart. However, SAE group 10 W is an all temperature oil and may be used over the normal range of outside temperature. Oil should be changed at the prescribed intervals according to Service Schedule on page 25 and change procedure in the Maintenance Operations on page This motorcycle can be folded into a compact unit for carrying by automobile.

Follow the items listed below to prepare for carrying. Perform the Following tasks before riding. Loosen the handle bar knob, unfold the handle bar to the normal riding position, insert the slopper located at the base oi the handle bar into the handle bar holder groove, and then securely lighten the knob.

Note: Turn the handle fully in both directions 10 assure that the brake cables are not being pulled. Note: When Installing the battery, make sure that the ballery vent lube is not pinched.

It is recommended that the following procedures be followed when staning the engine. Perform the kick starting until the engine starts. If the engine does not start by the above procedure, turn the ignition switch to the "OFF" position, set the choke valve to the full "OPEN" position choke lever in the horizontal position and then crank the engine several times with the kick starter, holding the throttle grip turned fully inward.

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Next, position the ignition switch to "ON" and then follow the normal starting procedure. Prime the engine before starting by cranking the engine several times with the ignition switch "OFF", The choke should be fully closed and the throttle opened. Follow with the procedure for starting a cold engine. When the engine is to be restarted while it is still warm proceed as for a cold engine, however, the use of the choke is not necessary. Note: Refrain from starting out in 3rd top gear as this will have an adverse effect on lhe clutch.

When the motorcycle attains a speed of approximately 10 mph 16 kph. The maximum allowable safe speed for the respective gear are shown in the following table. Note: When shifting gears either up or down, the throttle grip must be closed. This motorcycle is provided with both a hand lever and a foot pedal or the rear brake and a hand lever or the front brake. The most important point is to apply both the ront and rear brakes together. Independent application of either the front or rcar brake gently is possible, but if only one brake is applied strongly enough to lock the rcspective wheel, it can cause loss of control of the motorcycle.

Both the front and rear brakes should be applied together uniformly and gradually. Further, when braking on a steep down grade, the engine compression may also be used for braking without danger or causing damage to the engine. Note: This vehicle was designed and manufactured for off-the-road. It is not equipped or approved for operation on public streets, road, or highways.


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